Learning how to play violin can be an exciting adventure leading to eventual mastery. How you start to learn violin , however, is vitally important if you wish to succeed and play violin to a good standard for years to come. Here are some tips to get you started along the path to play violin in a way that will
bring you great satisfaction as you progress in your violin lessons.

Violin Lesson Tip #1

Set yourself goals so your progress can be measured and enjoyed.
These should include short, medium and long-term goals and can be reviewed as you learn how to play violin.
A short term goal might be to perfect how you hold the bow, or to master a short piece.

Violin Lesson Tip #2

Immerse yourself in the world of the violin.
Listen to radio concerts, buy CD’s and play them wherever you are ; watch video or TV footage of professional players ; if you get the chance go to see live performers really play violin.
You’ll learn how to play violin by studying top exponents as much as through your violin lessons.

Violin Lesson Tip #3

Get to know YOUR violin. They’re all different just as we are, and also need looking after to stay in top shape – so develop a little love affair with your new friend.

Violin Lesson Tip #4

One of the hardest violin lessons is that of achieving excellent posture. The fact is that a good posture , once learnt, will be the basis of how well you play and also how much effort you put into merely standing rather than concentrating on how you play violin for sale. Put in the work early on and you’ll benefit for life.

Violin Lesson Tip #5

If you want to learn violin to a top standard then your violin lessons surely have to come from a top exponent of how to play. There is so much to learn that cannot be book-learned that a good teacher will provide.


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