Owning a hat that you love is like loving for a little extension of yourself. There are many accessories that can help you do this with care, and even a bit of flair. Here are some to consider:


A quality, soft bristled hat brush is essential for keeping a felt hat looking its best. Too stiff of a bristle could snag the wool. It is recommended that a light-colored bristle brush be used on white headwears and a dark bristle brush be used on darker colors headwears.

Factoid: Dust is best removed by brushing counterclockwise against the lay of the nap.

Hatbands Hatbands are bands of fabric that wrap around the base of the crown. Changing the color of the hatband will allow one hat to accessorize with many different outfits.

Factoid: Hatbands are always wrapped to finish on the left side of the hat.

Hat Boxes

Hat boxes, hat cans, and traveling cases are the safest way to store or travel with your hat. They are designed to protect the brim or visor and to keep the crown from being crushed. They also protect a Hat holder from dust and fading.

Factoid: A packet of desiccant can be placed in a hatbox to guard against mildew.

Hat Cleaners and Protectors Cleaners, stain repellants, stiffeners and other assorted products are available for properly cleaning and maintaining your hats. Having the right product for the job is very important for extending the life of your hat.

Factoid: Polyester and cotton/polyester blend ball caps can be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher without detergent.

Rain Covers

Rain covers are clear plastic or vinyl hat protectors with an elastic edge that fits over the brim. They are sold in S-M-L-XL sizes for top hats, western cowboy hats, dress uniform caps, or campaign hats. Rain covers become an essential accessory for those who work outdoors.

Factoid: Rain covers for cycling hats often come with reflective striping and have a rear neck flap to keep the rain out.

Hat Stretcher

A hat stretcher can be a useful accessory for people who wear hats regularly or for someone who is in-between sizes. A hat stretcher helps maintain a perfect fit.


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