Many men do not realize that buying a designer suit, or a great designer shirt, is just the beginning. Simply wearing a great label is not going to mean that you are well dressed. Style and fashion is more than just a label. Men’s designer clothes¬†are not going to look great on anyone unless they follow these simple guidelines.

You have to create an entire look. If you want the clothes that you buy to look as good as the picture on the internet, you have to understand that it is not just the shirt, or the suit, that creates the image.

If you buy a trendy, urban designer shirt you are going to have to get pants that suit that look. The shirt will not look its best if you pair it with wrinkled old jeans. That is an extreme example, but it gives you the idea. The look that you are trying to create has to encompass everything from your shoes to your hair. Running shoes and a smoking jacket do not go well together.

You have to get the best fit. Regardless of the label or the name on the clothing, if it does not fit, it will not looking slick right. It is vital that when you buy any item of clothing you make certain that the piece fits you properly. In the case of shirts you want the seam of the shirt to line up with your shoulder. A seam that is halfway down your arm gives the impression that you have borrowed the shirt from a larger friend.

To make certain that you do buy clothes that will fit the way they are designed to fit you have to know what your exact measurements are. You also have to know how to measure properly. When the shirt says that the sleeve is a 32, you have to understand how and where they got this number. This number is not taken from the shoulder to the wrist bone. A proper sleeve measurement actually starts at the center back of a person’s neck and then extends to the shoulder and down the arm.

The image has to fit you. Many men do not realize that a suit should also reflect them as a person. If you are not comfortable wearing the suit and do not feel good in the suit, you should try another one. If you have to wear a suit at the office it should be one that makes you feel confident and well dressed. If you feel awkward and uneasy this is going to show.

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