On Monday I wrote about the New Breed of Digital Wolf. Before everyone starts thinking I’ve gone negative, I want to point out all the powerful positive angels created by the digital age. Not everyone is a wolf. In fact – the angels far out-number the wolves.

Angels are all around us. I’ve written about many of them but there are so many more angels out there who use the digital world to help the less fortunate; giving of themselves, their time and their energy to make the world a better place. What a contrast they bring to the self-centered wolves.

Many of these angels walk among us unknown. They don’t promote themselves as gurus or coaches, leaders or public figures. They do their angelic work out of the limelight, in the quiet where no one sees their efforts.

These angels use the power of the digital age to connect with the world, garnering support for worthy causes, helping those in need, supporting small business and promoting those less fortunate.

While I didn’t name the names of the wolves who’ve come and gone in my life…I will proudly point to some of the angels I know and admire.

Look at CellarAngels. These folks help small wineries sell their excess stock, giving their buyers lower prices while also donating a portion of their revenues to charity. More and more folks are creating businesses that give back even as they support others.

Then there are organizations such as The Cloud Foundation, The Wild Horse Preservation and Madeline Pickens Wild Horse Rescue. These and more are using the power of digital connectedness to raise our awareness of the horrible plight of our wild horses. FYI – Madeleine is T Boone’s wife. Heaven knows she could be a wolf, or simply stand back and do nothing, resting in her husband’s wealth. Instead she is using her dollars and the power of social media to help save our horses from the horrors of man.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrities use the digital world to help their favorite causes and make the world a better place. For example, Alyssa Milano tweets for support of critters, causes and the betterment of our world. Lady Gaga just created a charm bracelet to raise money for the Japanese earthquake victims. The lists of celebrities using the digital age to advance our world is long – and growing.

Many angels are simple people like all of us. Check out Laura Kennedy and Stash Serafin as great examples. Laura works tirelessly to support our veterans – living and deceased – to bring them the honor and support they so deserve. Stash is a blind ice skater who uses his digital presence to shed light on the plight of the disabled – and to show all of us their power to thrive and inspire in our world.

The number of people using our digital age to change our world in a positive way is astounding. That number is growing everyday.

So here’s my question. It’s one that really has me stumped.

How does someone choose to become an angel or a wolf, to use their power for good – or for themselves?

  • Is it simply human nature – magnified by our digital age? Does the connectedness, yet disconnectedness, make it easier for those who would be predators to play their games on an even larger scale? And for those who might not have been predators to become just that, thanks to the relative anonymity?
  • Or does our digital age twist and bend those who are meant to be angels – turning well-meaning angels into wolves because the inherent power is just too big for them to handle?
  • And why is it that many of the wolves rise in notoriety, while our angels remain in relative anonymity? That’s a question that’s as old as time,how to find your angel number As the adage goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Did the digital age make that adage even truer?

Is there something we can all do, actions we can take – to empower more angels and stop the wolves in their tracks?

As for me, well, I’m pledging to support the angels I find in every way I can. And I’ll continue watching for the wolves, outing them as I can so that others won’t fall prey to their games. But there has to be something more than I can do. Something that we all can do.

Any ideas or suggestions? Or am I sounding like my mother and not realizing that time moves on, as do our morals….

I have a favor to ask. Please share your angels’ stories with me! You can comment below or send me an email. I want to feature them in future posts, honoring the angels who so richly deserve our support!

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